Wait, I forget, do we celebrate Valentine’s Day, again?

This is a common question between the husband and I as Valentine’s Day approaches. Neither one of us wants to the “that-spouse-who-doesn’t-want-to-celebrate-the-day-of-lurve” even though, I think, we both secretly think St. Valentine’s Day is a pot of crock. We have been together 5 years and we still have yet to figure it out.

There is that scene in Sex And The City: The Movie (the first one. The only one worth watching!) where Miranda and Carrie are celebrating Valentine’s together at a restaurant. The server assumes they are an LGBT couple, the restaurant is filled with helium balloons with ribbons floating down. Miranda asks “Is it me or is Valentine’s Day on steriods this year?” and Carrie Bradshaw replies, “No, it’s the same. We just played for the other team”. The day really is a Singlehood Awareness Day. Sure, when I was single the girls and I dress up, go on the night on the town but more as a “f*ck you!” to the world at large who thinks we need a man to be whole than to really celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Besides, it is just an awkward celebration. Single people are made all the more aware they are single and therefore are lacking “someone”. Married people are awkward because quite frankly we don’t know if we should celebrate it. We are grown after all, no longer in middle school where how many roses you get dictates sets your social status. Does anyone really celebrate V-day aside from new lovers and children? C’mon you can tell me, I won’t judge 😉