The Girl

I am Jesselyn. Just Jesselyn. No last name (well, I do have a last name but I rather people not find me too easily). Assume I am like the greats who need no last name (Madonna, Sting, Bono, etc) rather than a vapid girl-child with debatable means of income.

I read vicariously, shop like it is going out of style and generally have an opinion on most things.

I contradict myself often and that is okay (have you read the name of this blog?).

Not so great on the spelling or grammer but I am working on it and we will pretend that my English is A-Okay.

I am a newlywed. The wedding was awesome. Read about it here.

I live reasonably happily in Dallas with my husband and dog (Arden the Beagle) and my Prada shoes.

I welcome emails.