Devin Kirk in Elle Decor

I would like to say I subscribed to Elle Decor because I got an insanely good deal: $5 for a year. Yeah, I was pretty stoked. Now, not that I don’t love Elle Decor, because I do but let’s be honest, they aren’t really geared towards newly wedded, broke, cheap-ass thrifty adults in their late 20s. I am okay with that, I am not their demographic. After all, the fact that I subscribe to them because of a discount sort of proves it, non? However, this doesn’t mean I don’t get ridiculously stoked when they feature something that I wouldn’t mind actually living in. My opinion, this month’s Elle Decor is one of their best in a while.

My favorite feature was Devin Kirk of Jayson Home and Garden’s Chicago apartment. Oh Lordy, can I move in tomorrow? Nothing too precious or done. His kitchen table? CB2. His kitchen counters and bookshelf? Ikea.

Nothing says, “Don’t breath for heaven’s sake. You might disturb something”.

Pictures and sources from Elle Decor. What is your favorite home design magazine? Of course, like everyone else I adored Domino that Conde Nast is ever so briefly resurrecting just to tease us. It is quite obviously just a quick way for them to make money but I will be suckered into like every design fanatic out there. Pathetic really.


*Belated edit: Because I am an awesome person, although, the Elle Decor deal is no longer going on, they are however offering House Beautiful (among others) for $4.69! You can thank me by telling your friends and family how awesome my blog is. 😉


One comment on “Devin Kirk in Elle Decor

  1. Love that shop (if only I could!)

    A perfect home.

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