Magic Carpet Ride

I love hearing interior designers who say “a rug is such a great affordable way to change up your look!” I want to know where they are shopping because obviously that is where I need to be!

Right now my couch is white, my wall is white, my rental wall-to-wall carpet is beige.  I have a french secretary that is red and a teal Bergere chair. I need a carpet and a couple of throw pillows (my husband is cringing) so my place doesn’t look like (a) I just moved in (b) like I furnished my place entirely from Craigslist, Ebay, and thrift stores (which I did).


Look at the room up top! Same room, one with a rug one without a rug. What a difference it makes.

I would love that tribally colorful rug like the one above but I think its a little too, um, boom-boom-pow for me. So I think a rug that is a little bit graphic for interest but not enough to go “Look! I am a rug! Over here! On the floor!”

So far my short list:

Crate and Barrel’s Olin in black and white. (I also noticed they have it in grey and brown!)

 I am using this picture of Lauren Gold’s apartment as inspiration

Some pretty classic pieces with that black and white rug punch. Her current apartment is just as beautiful:

The second picture is from Lonny. The first picture is from A Perfect Gray.

I also love the Bogart flat weave from Garnet Hill. I think in a steel grey this would be lovely. It sort of reminds me of a Madeline Weinrib rug, maybe if you tilt your head and squint?

The gradient stripe rug from West Elm also in grey.

I have also heard some good things about ‘s rug selection but I haven’t seen anything that jumps out at me. Anyone got any suggestions for some cheap good looking rugs out there?


One comment on “Magic Carpet Ride

  1. Mary Cyrus says:

    We could always go scour Ikea. Garden Ridge also has a huge rug selection, though I don’t know how good or cheap it is. I haven’t been rug shopping since I needed one for my nasty dorm room floor.

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