Back On The Wagon, Wait, I Have Never Been On This Wagon

I started running Wednesday in my attempt to gear up for the 5K I am planning on running this year. It was a mild Texas winter day so I figured I would run outside. This, I discovered was a bad idea. Aside, of course, from the fact that I am starting off my exercise regime on the actual pavement which is rougher on your body (apparently, everyone knows this but yours truly) every car passing by on the road can see me huffing and puffing like a fat kid. Is it possible for every inch of my body to jiggle in what feels like 12 different directions? On Monday, I found out “why yes, yes it is indeed possible”.

Thursday I went to the gym around dinner time to avoid the after work crowd. I discovered two things:

One: It is true. Walking-jogging-running is easier on a treadmill.

Two: I have a mild phobia of treadmills the same way small kids have a small phobia of escalators.

I keep have vivid imaginings (while on the treadmill, mind you) of tripping on my feet and smacking my face on the dash. Or trying to get off the treadmill and missing the 2 inches of space on the side and falling on my ass while the machine is still running and then it might eat me. Or my pants getting caught on the running tape and being sucked in.

Please tell me I am not weird.



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