An Open Letter To Sony

Dear Sony,

I am very disappointed in you. My husband bought this beautiful Cybershot DSC-T70 for my birthday a couple of years ago. Now, you may not know this, but my husband isn’t the best gift giver in the world. I love him more than I love chocolate pie and iced tea on a summer day but bless his heart, the boy needs help in the gift department. In fact, just this evening, I told him, “Honey, peonies are in season. Whole Foods are carrying them. Right. Now.” The Christmas before last? He bought me a candle. The Christmas before that? He got me a gift card. A candle. A gift card. Now, you are probably a guy and you don’t understand what so bad about candles and gift cards. “But Jesselyn”, you say, “you love candles! You burn them like your Buddhist worshiping ancestors except for no real reason than you like your loft in your downtown concrete jungle smelling like a English country garden. And a gift card! So you can get what you really want!” So like a man, to not understand that candles and gift cards are for people who don’t know you well. They are the gifts you bring to that Christmas party hosted by those people you speak to twice a year but nevertheless feel obligated to attend because they once saw you high at the after hours Christmas party. All that to say, a slick, beautiful point and shoot camera that is top of the line? I mean, the man got lucky for a good six-months. At least.

Now, lets fast forward a couple of years. Honestly, its still beautiful. In fact, if you weren’t a gadget freak, you could not even tell that my beloved camera is a couple of years old which in camera years is probably something like 27 years old. Slightly thinner than a paperback novel, the touch screen is modern and techie enough that when I asked my father to take some pictures with it he could not figure it out but easy enough to use that this girl who doesn’t even have a smart phone can figure out. So what is the problem? My camera can’t focus. Not only does it not focus but when I turn it on, it starts vibrating and shaking like the dumb phone I have (Don’t knock it. Its about as old as this camera and still works like a charm, thankyouverymuch).

I look up my camera on the internet. Whaddaya know? Apparently, everyone and their goldfish is having the same problem. I decide, “You know what? I bet Sony can help me”. I call up customer service and I should have just saved my minutes. Not only will you not acknowledge there was an issue with this particular model but you deny that there is any documented issue with it at all.

“No ma’am,” the very polite (but dense) girl from customer service tells me, “I am afraid there is no reported problem with your model at all”.

“Really?” I say, “because it so happens that I am looking at the reviews of this camera on your very website and everyone is saying the same thing.”

“I can’t find the page you are referencing, ma’am. However, you may send in your camera to be repaired for $128”.

Uh-huh. So for half the cost of a new camera, I can fix my old one which, according to reviews even after fixing, will stop shaking like me deprived of Dr Pepper for 24 hours but never actually focuses well again. What a joke. You want to know why your stocks are down? It is the little things. First creating a great quality product. It is about creating customer loyalty and through that developing a brand people are passionate about (Mac-heads? Dyson-harts?).

Get your shit together Sony.


Jesselyn, a former-and-never-again-Sony-customer


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