Its two thousand twelve and on the fourth day of this year, my real-job company (my husband always says I have a billion non-jobs on the side) got acquired. Yes, it is every bit as scary as it sounds. I am every bit as scared as a person in my position would normally be. In fact, I think I am more scared. I blame it on my hormones. I melted down on my boss over the phone. I went to my friend’s office and closed the door and cried.

“I have no idea why you are crying,” she said matter-of-factly while chomping on her lunch.

“Because it is scary dammit. . . and because I am on my period and I am emotional. Get over it,” I snapped.

Now, this is a procurement for growth. My new company grows primarily through company acquisition and in that they don’t intend to change much while changing a lot. I still have my job and in fact, I got my packet that included my offer letter by the end of the day when they announced the acquisition. There is a lot of great and exciting things I am tentatively optimistic about. My new company has a generous 401K match. Since I have been putting money away in my 401K since working because I think even in your mid-twenties, you need to be thinking about retirement (but that is a post for another time), this is relevant and beneficial for me. Chances are their benefits package is better than my small mid-size company because they are able to negotiate more with insurance providers. They are a bigger company so there are more ladders to climb, more goals for me to reach for.

On the other hand. I hate change. Despise it. My anxiety over my where my new position is in the company, what my new team is going to look like, whether I am going to get lost in a new company over-rides any excitement I may have. I hate that I don’t know whats going on from moment to moment day to day. I hate that I don’t know what my career is going to look like a month from now. I loved my team. I love my boss. I really don’t appreciate being signed up for a roller-coaster ride without being asked if I would even be remotely interested. Do people ever ask though?

So here is to the new year and what might bring. I am scared. Are you?


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