You Are No One Till You Have Someone

You know what I hate? When people tell me things like “oh, you are so happy in your marriage now, wait till you have kids!”

Or when you buy $100 jeans (who me?) and someone goes, “wait till you have children, you can’t spend money on jeans like that again!”

Granted, I don’t think people realize how exactly that comes off to un-babied folks just like shit like, “You need to get married! You need a boyfriend! Love is wonderful! It makes the world goes round” just comes tumbling out of my mouth. As if you say, “You are not complete by yourself!”

Smack me someone.

Still, do people with children got to be quite so superior?

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One comment on “You Are No One Till You Have Someone

  1. Mary Cyrus says:

    Tell it, sister. Of course another side to this is that I’m sure plenty of couples with fertility difficulties get told the same thing. How extra-horrible is that? “You know that kid you really want to have, but haven’t been able to? Well, your marriage doesn’t mean as much as mine until you have one.” One of my friends is in that boat and the constant questions about when they’re going to have kids break her heart.

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