The Red-Headed Stepchild

There are very many benefits to being Asian. For example, in my experience, boys love the Asian. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know but I sure ain’t complaining! Something about porn videos stereotyping all asian women as kinky petite sex goddess? (I can hardly wait to see all the google searches that direct sleazy lads over to my innocent little blog!) Maybe because Asian women are suppose to be sweet and subservient (Hah! Oh the wool pulling over collective male eyes!) Who knows?!

What I do regret about being asian? The adventures in haircolor I feel like I am missing out on! More to the point, I feel like I am a curly red-head stuck in a straight black haired head. Look at that beautiful head of hair! Maybe its time to dye it and screw all the nay-sayers. What do you think? A red headed Asian belongs in the strip club? Or exotic and unique? Or, “girl, with that acne of yours you are doing yourself no favors”?



3 comments on “The Red-Headed Stepchild

  1. Lauren says:

    Do it! You only live once. Besides, you can always dye it back 🙂

    — Lauren

  2. Perhaps I could take on the baton of red hair for you.

    I’m very tempted.

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