Sometimes You Just Want To Be A Girl


Well. Unless you are a boy, then that would mean something completely different. However, this isn’t a post over controversial things (“Drat!” I hear you say, “I was really hoping for something to get my juices going. Nothing like an Internet argument to get all the pent up holiday resentment lanced out!)

Maybe because this Christmas instead of being in sparkly, festive Dallas, I will be in a small country town in bitterly cold Minnesota; I am craving girly prettiness. I want to buy a beautiful floaty dress. You know the kind I mean. The kind of dress that dances as you walk and floats when you dance. There is something about that kind of dress. It tickles the back of your knees, wraps around your wrists as you walk, swings even when you are stopped. That kind of dress needs an updo to show off your sparkly chandelier earrings your husband bought you for Christmas. The earrings brushes against your neck as you move. Of course, you can only wear sparkly heels for an occasion such as these. Something that taps against the marble floor and twinkles as you walk.



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