The Big Life List

  1. Learn to drive a stick
  2. Run a 5K
  3. Go to Paris, see the Eiffel Tower (December 2005)
  4. Live in NYC for a year
  5. Write a book
  6. Buy a house
  7. Visit Russia and see the Amber Room
  8. Visit the Vatican in Italy
  9. See the pyramids and ride a camel (doesn’t have to be at the same time!)
  10. Learn to scuba dive
  11. Visit Stonehenge (December 2005)
  12. Learn to surf
  13. Go fishing
  14. Walk the Great Wall of China
  15. Visit Laura Ingalls Wilder home in Missouri
  16. Go to the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan
  17. Learn to blow glass
  18. Learn to ice skate
  19. Go white water rafting
  20. Learn to shoot a gun with some degree of accuracy
  21. Learn to sew, make a dress
  22. Host a Christmas party
  23. Cliff diving!

For now this is all I can remember. I am going to handwrite this and put it in my bedside drawer. I am determine to learn to drive a stick shift and run a 5K in 2012!

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2 comments on “The Big Life List

  1. Mary Cyrus says:

    Learn to ice skate as in ice skate well, or just get out on the ice without busting your ass? If it’s the latter, we could probably work that one out at Stonebriar together. Also, you’ve never gone fishing? Good lord, I can fix that. And I can teach you to drive stick shift. BOOYAH. Knocking things off your list left and right.

    • Jesselyn Girl says:

      Learn to ice skate well. Though, I am not planning doing double-axels. Or something stuff. But actually be able to skate and not bust my ass would be nice! Lets do this!

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