All Dressed Up

It has been a crazy day. I slept late on Friday night. My parents surprised us with a visit last night. It is really a whole other story all together. Which was a bad idea. If you ever have to get up kind of early on a Saturday morning, for Heaven’s sake, go to bed at a reasonable time the night before. Just an idea for you there. Woke up Saturday morning, threw myself in the shower ran out the door to my Make-A-Wish Foundation Wish Granter training.

Four hours is a long fucking time to sit in a chair when you are trying not to fall asleep. Not that the training was not informative (there was a lot of information). They did so much to help me stay awake. They had drinks, and pizza, and two-bite brownies. I am almost positive I put on 10-pounds just sitting in that chair. Not that it was not inspiring, it was very, very inspiring. I think I want to grant a wish tomorrow. However, I am tired and it’s four hours in a chair. Must remember to get some sleep before sitting down for a training for four hours. Why do I do this to myself? Why?

Then it is driving across town (I mean, literally, across town) to meet with a friend to go shopping. I was so tired, I am not going to lie, my flaky side screamed “Call it off! A nap sounds amaze-bob,” but we had been planning this shopping trip for literally months. So I sucked it up, like a big girl and went shopping. It. Was. So. Much. Fun.

I did not buy a damn thing. I really hate when I do that. Go shopping and buying nothing. Sigh. So I came home and did more shopping looking online. Apparently, if you can’t buy anything, try and try again.

I have decided though, if I ever did decide to get over my hump of spending money, Rachel Roy (not Ray, I hate that woman. Her voice rakes across my skin) is going to have my money. I am going to buy a dress. Which dress is the problem.

The drape, the color, the exposed zipper. Gorgeous.

This print? Yes!

Because a girl can never have too many inky dresses. With a drape back. I would wear this everywhere. Who wouldn’t?



You know you would



3 comments on “All Dressed Up

  1. Josie says:

    The first dress. Without a doubt. Awesome.

  2. Didn’t you write an awesome post about owning up to the cost of your wedding? I can’t find it 😦

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