I Caved

… to the phenomenon that is Twitter.

I feel like a sell-out even though I have no idea what I am selling out to. Probably to the idea that one can never be too overexposed. I mean, really, I have a blog (two! Because apparently one just ain’t enough), a Facebook, and now a Twitter. I also have a MySpace that I never use and so it languishes online like an old, unused amusement park. I either think too highly of myself, or I am a narcissist. None of which sounds very appealing to me.

Granted, as oppose to a narcissist, the persona I portray on the Internet is my own. I evaluate and reevaluate my Facebook “updates” to see if what I am posting up is done out of conceit or a pretense that my life is cooler, more exciting than yours because it really isn’t. However, I do take a special (maybe perverse?) pleasure in creating smart, tongue in cheek “updates” that provokes a response; or at the very least a click on the “like” thumbs up button. Is that so very different from my blog?

I very seldom have anything truly interesting to say and nothing really important going on in my life yet I update my blog daily (sometimes more than once). I find myself feeling responsible to the 15 or so readers that glance over my pages and then move on when really, isn’t that another form of conceit? To think people might actually miss you when you do not update them on your lives.

I am torn. Twitter, Facebook, blog for fun? Boredom? Narcissism? What is your call?


Oh, and follow me on Twitter here 😉


Picture from Twitter’s Error Page. They need to get larger servers


One comment on “I Caved

  1. Yay! I don’t see it as narcissism but as a real time way of connecting to lovelies across the world! I’m probably wrong and am intensely narcissistic!

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