Just Enough

A friend of mine is unlucky in love but the most romantic guy a woman would ever have the chance of dating.

I hear about when he wrote his girlfriend 30 love letters (one for everyday of the month).

Or when he took an ex-girlfriend to the zoo every week and bought her a different stuff animal each time just because she loved the zoo.

My stomach starts twisting and I wish that Cory would do such things for me.

Then I realize that at the end of the day, I don’t need him to write me 365 love letters, or send me peonies in the dead of winter. I just need him to hold my hand. And that is enough.

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5 comments on “Just Enough

  1. Ditto. But every few months I forget and get all, “dude! you never buy me flowers or surprise me with romantic dinners! what’s up with that?”

    And he is all, “I walked the dog, and washed the dishes and buy you your favorite kind of gummi bears.” Ah, love.

  2. ruthy ann says:

    amen to that! I consider it bonus if the other stuff comes along!

  3. Lisa says:

    i sometimes come home after a long day and see the dishes are done and want to weep….ha ha guess I’m easy to please

  4. Mrs T says:

    Love that feeling.

    Your friend sounds like a catch!

    • Jesselyn Girl says:

      He is! He is! Problem is he falls in love with pyscho girls who use him and abuse him. Sometimes women are shit

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