Another For Thought

Okay so the picture is miniscule. I need to learn to take screenshots. Oh so bad at this website thing.

So it runs for $340 at Crate and Barrel Outlet (who knew they had one of those online?) and it is white so I love it. And it is white so Cory hates it. But…but… (you knew it was coming) look at those legs! Is it just me or do they look like they were threw on as an after-thought?

Like, “Hmm… something is missing. We cannot figure out what. I know, we’ll throw on some spare metal rods, call it legs.”

Eik. Price is relatively good – for Crate and Barrel. However, my coffee table is also from Crate and Barrel (Craigslist, baby!) and I am afraid my living room is just going to look like a Crate and Barrel showroom (Hah! I wish!).


Console from C+B

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