April of Being a Grown Up Blows has “Getting To Know You Thursdays”. I am so in on these sort of things

1. What is your favorite cocktail (or beer)?

Shiner Bock. Yes ma’am. If I am feeling a little adventurous then Kir Royale. Only with traditional method of sparkling wine fermenting please. Anything else gives me a horrible headache.

2. When is the first time you had a beer?

Ah. Freshman year of college. When else? It was really wine coolers. Does that count?

3. What is your funniest I was way too drunk story?

I went out to a club with a couple of friends and Cory. Someone returned with a bunch of tequila shots and mysteriously, Cory is no where to be found so I was made to take his shots. When he came back, I am trashed off my behind. He took one look at me and ask “so, how ya doing?” and I fell backwards almost on cue in a dead faint. Yeah, I am a hardcore partier like that

4. How long ago did that story take place?

Years and years. Tequila doesn’t make my clothes fall off. I just fall down.

5. Tequila or Whiskey?

What do you think? 🙂

Thanks April, that was fun.


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2 comments on “Alcohol

  1. april says:

    thanks so much for participating!!!! I love the dead faint story. thats hilarious.

    Were you ok? I mean, you could get really hurt doing that.

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