The Altar Of Panasonic

That is my living room right now and I am sick of it.

My husband’s 42 inch television sits on a stand that is way too small for it so you have all manner of wiring sprouting out from it like a modern day medusa, the Playstation sitting on a plastic stool (the kind you buy at Walmart) next to the coffee table that Arden the Beagle knocks down on a regular basis, and the Xbox stashed behind the telly with stacks and stacks of DVDs.

Right now, the living room is a shrine to Panasonic and man equipment. It’s just no good for my zen, ya know? So I am on a hunt. A hunt for the perfect media stand and as you have figured out, I am really um… selective. Let’s use that word.

I think it is silly that people want to hide their telly. I understand why they want to because I have a big honking one in my living room that even switched off it screams “LOOK AT ME! I AM HERE!” So obnoxious. But if you have it, flaunt it, right? That and Cory and I spend a ridiculous amount of time in front of the TV. So it would end up never being covered anyway.

Do you know how hard it is to find a good piece of furniture that is affordable? Ri-donk-ulously hard that’s what. I have been stalking Craigslist and Ebay to no avail. The secondhand Gods are not with me these few weeks. I would like a media stand so my folks can come over next week and not fall to their deaths by tripping over wiring. My mother would have “I told you to clean!” engraved on her tombstone because she just has to have the last word.

This is my inspiration photo. See. No apologies for the TV. It’s just sitting out there, carrying on like that. Actually, her whole house is fabulous. I could move right in, no problem.

So I scour the Internets for affordable furniture. Let’s start with the mecca of cheap plywood furniture: Ikea! (I actually do love Ikea but I have to pretend to hate it because the design gurus will tell me I have no personality and I am buying from a box store).

I am kind of liking this Ikea Stokholm console coming in at $300. Not bad, not bad. Then Cory and I have the age old discussion of black or brown. I vote for brown (I like it natural looking. Even if it isn’t really natural). He likes black because “it matches the TV!”. Oy.

There is also this that looks really similar to the first one at about $50 cheaper. I might have to go with this one based on price. Then again however, I really don’t like to see “stuff”. I like it all hidden away so people think I am neat. It is all about perception!

Moving on to others.

I liked this one but it is $100 more expensive than Ikea’s Stokholm. Oh, and I fear it might be way too low to the ground. Arden the Beagle is hell on wheels. It would be just our luck that he will knock over Cory’s pride and joy and my husband would have to go to jail for animal abuse or something.

I remembered someone telling me that JC Penney’s had some cheap decent furniture so I hopped on over there and took a quick look and my hunt for a media console just flew out of my head as I discovered these:

The picture is a tad small but dost mine eyes deceive me? People, that is an electric fireplace below the TV! Lord, have mercy! What a monstrosity! As far as I can figure out, it’s suppose to look like a fire but it is not a fire (something to do with the magic of LED lights) and it gives out fake heat! Only $1700 from $3400. Practically a steal, folks!

I am sorry, I try not to poke fun at things because I don’t know if I am going to offend someone’s delicate sensibilities out there. But. I. Just. Could. Not. Resist!

So, would you or wouldn’t you? A television stand and a fireplace. The only thing you need is a fake dog (all the fun and none of the mess!) and you’ll be set!


Pictures from their respective retailers. And if you happen to buy the fireplace, let me know so we can test it out!

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6 comments on “The Altar Of Panasonic

  1. april says:

    i often have good luck with second hand furniture (Second hand rose) but I gotta tell ya, its not really the internet. Yes, once and a while a beauty pops outta craigslist but you gotta go do the foot work. This means driving to places where they didn’t have a pic, or more importantly weekly checks at salvation army or good will. Basicaly it sucks… but the pay off can be awesome: look on my blog for my amazing hutch I got in Feb – 70 bucks!!!!

    Good luck!!!!

  2. Oh man. If you find something, please post it here, because my husband and I looked *forever* for a good TV stand and found zip. We’re still using our coffee table as a TV stand, and balancing our drinks on our knees when we watch TV.

  3. ruthyg says:

    fake fire…geez, gimme a break. it just kinda looks dumb, bc who would put their tv right over a burning flame like that?

    hmmmm…did you try goodwill? sometimes you can find something that just needs a good layer of paint.

  4. I like the cheapest one. Pretty pretty.

    I am such a tv snob. I turned our second spare room into our tv room so I could banish the tv from our living room. Im awful.

    • Jesselyn says:

      @ Cupcake – I wish I could do that *sigh*
      @ Ruthy, April – My Goodwill store sucks. I should go to your Goodwill store
      @ PetiteChablis – We use to put my TV on the dining room table! Then we got this TV stand for free. But it is time for a grown up console.

  5. Mrs T says:

    I am dying for a 1970’s teak sideboard! Hoping to find one for $20 at an op shop. Think I’m dreaming.

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