Someone Slap Me

I am not entire sure why I but am so smitten with rompers.

I think it is the vintage girl in me. Let’s blame her. It’s easier.

However, I don’t know how forgiving it is as an outfit. Someone with real breast and a real ass (I have neither. Well, they are real but nearly non-existant) please try one on, snap a picture and send it along to me pretty please?

Not that I don’t love The Crew and all, but I am in love with this pieces by Alexandra Grecco

Am I crazy? Or would this make a great spring summer wardrobe staple?

 I asked Cory if I would look silly in a romper and he pleaded the fifth. Hmmm…


Rompers by J. Crew and Alexandra Grecco

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8 comments on “Someone Slap Me

  1. ruthyg says:

    hmmm…i kinda have a love/hate thing going on for these. I too have no boobs or butt (but i think these would look best on super skinny gals…which I am not…I just got the asian boobs and butt…but the white girl body). I think by the time summer rolls around i’ll dig this look a bit more. I think the thought of seeing the wrong people in it is more of what I don’t like about it now that I think about it!

  2. sara says:

    I think these are adorable but I would look like a COW in one of them. I think a woman with curves (meaning a decent chest and booty) would look like Marilyn Monroe, or at least trying to, and it could work. But it has to be the right gal. Me=COW other curvy girl = Marilyn.

  3. Lisa says:

    ha ha my sister just said to me ‘i can’t wait for summer! i’m going to wear so many rompers!’

  4. Jesselyn says:

    Ruthyg – You just made me think of it, you are right the wrong people in it would be just an eyesore.

    Sara – Girl, you crazy. You should at least try one on.

    Lisa – Snap a picture and show me what she looks like in them. I wanna see, I wanna see!

  5. erintan says:

    Haha, I’ve tried a few rompers. Omg, I looks super bad in them. Really. I think I’m too short for them.. But yet I have a friend who I think might be shorter than me who pulls them off..

    I gave up trying rompers. I think it’s a superfail on me 😦

  6. Mrs T says:

    That last photo is SO cute. Don’t think I could pull it off. Or more feel like I could pull it off. But YOU should do it – and take photos – and post them up!

  7. April says:

    rompers make me think of unitards and body suits – i am not into either. Sorry. Also I canno imagine that would look good on my body, i have boobs and ass and a belly and i think it would show every curve of all of them…


    but they look cute on those skinny chicks.

  8. Maybe they show us warts and all and that is why they are so hot. Maybe not for everyday…but for funsies?!

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