Well, Knock Me Over!

I am adamant in my disdain for knock-offs. For very many different reasons.

Reason #1 – I am a snob. I hate to admit it but it is true. I derive a special pleasure in seeing a girl (it’s never someone I particularly like, of course) carrying a knock-off purse in all her uppity-ness and knowing that purse she is prancing about with is fake. “Much like the rest of the girl,” I can be heard to mutter. Oh no, not Jesselyn, never Jesselyn. I am too good to stoop to that level.

Reason #2 – I uphold artistic integrity. I use to make art. No one can ever tell. Most people laugh at this and tell me their little toe has more artistic ability than I do. Who knows? They might be right. However, when I made art sculptures (my medium was clay or as they call it “ceramic” but ceramic is just an unfriendly word. Ce-ra-mik) if someone “knocked-off” my art I am pretty dang sure my reaction is not going to be,

“oh how nice! You thought my work was nice enough to shamelessly duplicate. Well, mimicry is the best form of flattery!”

It’s probably going to be

“you dirty low-life basterd!”

Reason #3 – They are almost always horrible quality and made of pleather. I am also very stoutly against pleather as a matter of fact. You probably already guessed that.

So, imagine my very great surprise (and dismay), when I came across some gorgeous bags by a seller from China (where else, right? Sometimes there are truths to those stereotypes, my friend!) while looking for a black purse for my wardrobe. I am talking beautiful purses. With real leather. *Gasp*

They were fakes, of course. Damn.

Like this is a dead ringer for the Chloe Marci Horseshoe Hobo (confession: I had no idea this was a knock-off the Chloe. I had to look it up at my mecca: Neiman Marcus) which I adore by the way. The bag, not Chloe. I don’t think I have ever owned an article of Chloe in my life. I have managed to put my paws on a Chloe Paddington in Harvey Nichols of London a long time ago. I came very close to rubbing my face in the leather but the very stern looking security guard dissuaded me.

I know, I could save up my quarters and buy the original for a mere *choke* $1500 but to be honest, I am not buying it because it is a Chloe. I just like the bag.

Or I could find another black bag that is an original. Kenneth Cole or something. Which is what I will probably end up doing. Well, not Kenneth Cole, his bags this season is no bueno.

So tell me, folks. To knock-off or to not knock-off?

p/s – I also am strangely attracted to this little one except I have no idea who they are trying to knock-off. Is it less a breach of my moral code if I don’t know who they are knocking-off and bought it anyway?

Bother! The moral conundrums I find myself in.


Pictures from an Ebay seller from China


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